Monday, December 10, 2012

Are You Crafty?

Are you crafty? Kaylah and I have been going crazy lately making crafts for gifts! We've been creating our own cards and gifts for friends and family. If you are crafty looking for ideas please visit our new FB Business page: KD Craft Studio. We are giving away one CTMH idea book filled with 200+ crafty ideas. Just click "Share" and leave a comment with a number 1-100. I'll have Kaylah pick a random winner.

Here are some of our latest creations:

1.  Gift For GMa
This first one is a gift for my mom-in-law in PA (shhhh don't tell her)  I have been so inspired by my new CTMH Avalon papers and stamps!  When I think of giving gifts, I always try to think about things I'd personally love to receive.  For some reason, I LOVE cards.  I love stationary, cards, and especially personalized ones.  Maybe it's because my name is spelled kinda weird, so having a card or stationary with my name on it has always seemed neat.

2.  Quick B'day Card
This pink one is one of my favorites and I created it with Kaylah on the fly.  She had a birthday party to go to and ofcourse 30 minutes before we needed to leave we realized we did not have a card.  We had the present...but no card.  Sound familiar?  This happens to us with some regularity.  Well, I remembered seeing online a craft where you take your Cricut cut out hearts and turn them into petals.  Voila!  One cute pink flower card ready to go!
Other Shots up close

Thanks for reading!  More crafts coming this week.  I think I'm going to try sock cupcakes next!  Thoughts?

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